The Name's Kibum a.k.a The Almighty Key.
you wanna know more? Check the walls in the streets of seoul. I make my crimes & marks there so you'll be able to know.

I like talking to people just hit me up.

18+ So?

criminal-chaerin moaned: Omo, where have you been? I miss chus~~

I Miss chus too baby~ 

11/100 4minute

If Tumblr were around in the 90’s



oh my GOD

ex-min-wad moaned: I'm good baby. Missed you though. Hahaha. Have you made your mark yet? In the streets of Seoul?;)))

Of course baby! ;D Haha, I definitely missed you too.

criminal-dambi-deactivated20120 moaned: Hi Hi!! you know that you are part from the vandalism and so we need to know if you would like to either do graffiti or destruction?

Graffiti, definitely :)

ex-min-wad moaned: Hey there, Diva babyyy. Where've you been?;))

Min Baby!~ I’ve been places, but I’m here now. ;)

So how’ve you been?

criminalsinseoul-rp moaned: Hey there. We are doing updates to the directory and trying to organize everything so we will need to know which subcrime do you want to take on? The two subcrimes in vandalism are destruction and graffiti. Please let us know asap so we can keep the lists updated.. thank you and hope you taking care. lots of love the admins ^^

Uh .. Vandalism. :)

And I have been since I was 12.